Isabeli Fontana And Vogue Paris Take You To Peru With Testino, April 2013

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Remember how enthusiastic I was about that special issue of Vogue Spain guest – edited by Mario Testino? It was truly a great example of what a fashion magazine can be, in my opinion. From the cover inwards, that was a flawless issue!

As opposed to that, Isabeli Fontana covering the Vogue Paris April 2013 issue, also photographed by Mario Testino and somewhat dedicated to Mario and his native Peru, isn’t all that appealing. But maybe it’s only meant to charm the French fashion eyes and not the outsiders fashion amateurs as it seems to be a very intimate issue in which Testino shares his personal favorite Peruvian spots and hangouts, treasures and hideaways.

Isabeli Fontana Vogue Paris April 2013 Testino cover

Kate Moss will also be making a special appearance in this April 2013 Vogue Paris, highlighting the Peruvian coast while Erin Wasson was photographed in the Nazca desert. I’m actually really curious about the inside pictorials, but that’s hardly the cover’s merit!


#1 Trix on 03.12.13 at 11:33 am

Lovely picture! Such a shame about the amount of photoshop though. It doesn’t look or feel real at all :/

#2 Diyana on 03.13.13 at 3:58 pm

I love it, and the head looks like it doesn’t belong to that body.

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