Justin Timberlake Style Evolution: Suit&Tie Collection With Tom Ford

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Making music part of a weekend-inspiration day is as natural as breathing, so please join me in discussing the latest style becomings of young Mr Justin Timberlake.

As usual, I don’t always get my subjects inspiration out of the blue or on a last-minute reading. I usually get on with writing a piece of my mind after reading&letting it sink for a day or two. Hence this Justin Timberlake piece here which had started to shape in my mind a couple of days ago, when I first read that her was abandoning his William Rast fashion line and starting a new collection with Tom Ford: Suit&Tie (yes, just like his first single from his latest album).

Justin Timberlake style evolution from NSync to Suit and Tie

Even more material started to surface in the following days, all culminating with a fashion profile narrated by Tom Ford himself in a discussion with the NYTimes. Because, you see, styling Justin Timberlake is an event in itself and is worthy of being covered again and again.

It’s all a marketing trick, after all. A way of reinventing one’s self to keep relevant all through the times changes, of still raising audiences and being interesting in the eyes of the public. Who, just as Justin himself, keeps evolving. And boy, did Justin evolved or what? From his epic all-jean outfit/girlfriend to this dapper Cary Grant-esque look, everything worked up wonderfully for young Mr JT.

Resourcing to Tom Ford’s styling&fashion expertise was a clever move for Justin who had to reinvent himself as a new, adult entertainer, a far cry from his adolescent stage performances. Not only did Justin change his wardrobe and suited up for a new visual and style experience, but he also fashioned up his hair – and that was something I didn’t notice before. Justin Timberlake, my dahlings, straightened up his legendary curls!

Justin Timberlake style in his Boys Band years

Because Tom Ford is not a fan of curly hair and tweaking his clients’ hair is something he did before. Remember Ryan Gosling before his now-trademark un-groomed look? Yep, Tom Ford did it! With a little help from Joe Zee.

So you see, Justin Timberlake had to sacrifice his fashion line (William Rast) because it wasn’t coherent with his latest style adventures. Nor was it approved by Tom Ford:

‘These kids grew up in a generation of baggy shorts and baggy athletic clothes, and now they want some kind of little formal touch to something. […] They want the glamour of suits and ties. […]Justin was identifying with a sort of young, Rat Pack fantasy in some way, and that is a terrific look for him.’

So, Justin is sacrificing his old passion in favor of his newfound dapperness: selling William Rast because, he motivated, people didn’t believe he was involved in it. But how long will he be involved in the ‘Suit & Tie’ sartorial adventure with Tom Ford?

Justin Timberlake style in his dapper suit years

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#1 Ellington on 03.23.13 at 9:09 am

I do like Justin’s style, and I liked his William Rast line of clothing.
Tom has polished him but I do hope that Justin does not forsake is everyday nifty look and style. : )

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