Models Off Duty Wardrobe: Joan, Daphne, Liu, Lindsey H&M Collection

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H&M. For your late-weekend inspiration, yes. Why? Because shopping is synonymous with leisure nowadays and we’re so busy during the weekdays, a shopping session sounds more therapeutic than an hour on the shrink’s couch. Sometimes. Especially when nice collections like this are involved!

Remember when I said I was thinking about H&M and how peculiarly quiet they’ve been about their new Designer Collaborations? Well, just the other I came across Beyonce doing both a campaign and contributing to the actual Summer collection, now it’s about the models.

H M models off duty collection

I know I looked at models off-duty posing nicely for the cameras so many times, I ended up getting inspired by those looks and sourcing out more wearable ideas than on the actual catwalk. H&M thought about me and my kin when they concocted this special off-duty models collection.

Models Off Duty cream HM New Icons collection

‘The New Icons’ Collection is inspired by and fronted by the new Supermodels: Joan Smalls, Liu Wen, Lindsey Wixson, Daphne Groeneveld. Their eclectic style, forged through the fires of countless fashion shows&backstages is now ready to hit the H&M stores and from thereon – your closets. The pictures look nice, and the clothes seem gorgeous, let’s hope they’ll also feel like that in person and not the usual under-cheap quality you sometimes get when purchasing a fast-fashion article.

Models Off Duty black HM New Icons collection

Models Off Duty clothes HM New Icons


#1 Appollonia on 03.25.13 at 6:07 am

I am a lover of ethnic jewellery. The old original pieces. Yes, that’s right.
It’s understandable these jewellery is very inspiring for jewellery designers. But that necklace freaks me out….sorry!

I understand the store’s attraction to young(er) people. It’s not for me. Bad quality ala for a low prices but the usually awful fit and quality? No thanks. Haven’t been there in three years or so……

#2 Trix on 03.25.13 at 6:19 am

One of my favourite jeans ever by them died last week after a solid three year worn-almost-everyday run. I’m not sure how good that is on a scale of bad quality to brilliant, but I was sad to see them go.

RIP favourite jeans.

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