Alicia Keys Tour Costumes: Akris, Herve Leger, Michael Kors, Maison Michel

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We talked about Rihanna and her new world tour having already kicked off with a stunning wardrobe signed by Riccardo Tisci under the Givenchy creative umbrella. Ella, ella.

Impatiently waiting for the new Samsung Galaxy IV release tonight, I was checking out the competition and discovered that Alicia Keys, who is an extraordinary ambassador for BlackBerry kicked off her own world tour! And – what do you know? – she has her own outstanding wardrobe for this tour! Great fashion brands like Akris, Herve Leger, Michael Kors and Maison Michel have been rounded up for Alicia’s tour costumes.

Alicia Keys new tour costumes by Akris

This Girl is on Fire, that’s for sure, and her fashion sense got so much wiser, so much more refined than when she first started out in this industry! But I also think that back in 2001 when she released her first album, she didn’t work with a stylist either. For over a year now, she’s been ‘dressed’ by Laura Jones, a stylish whom she reportedly met while she was assisting Edward Enninful at W.

Alicia Keys new World tour wardrobe

Being in a very confident time in her life, Alicia favored strong, statement costumes that would also allow her to freely move on stage and perform in total accord with her artistic persona. The Girl is on Fire and she’s pushing to Set the World on Fire with a little help from highly esteemed fashion designers. Everything is fashion nowadays and fashion is in everything. Especially, like I said before, where there’s show, there’ll always be fashion!

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