Fashion Items Identified: Hunger Games Mockingjay Effie Accessories, Katniss Shoes & More!

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If you’re into the latest trends, be advised that normcore is the new hipster. Hardly accidental, the normcore fashion revival is also inspired by and highly visible in the latest Hunger Games movie: Mockingjay Part 1 which was released this November worldwide.

The following story is not meant to be a spoiler for those who haven’t yet seen this movie (or the previous ones). On the contrary, this is just a visual guide of the Mockingjay fashion, with a handful of identified goodies as seen in the very movie. Exactly what you need to position yourself in the Mockingjay atmosphere!

Fashion items identified Hunger Games Mockingjay

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Effie Trinket Shoes: Zaha Hadid For United Nude Nova Shoes in Rose Gold It’s not the first time we’ve seen Effie wear United Nude shoes – remember the fanged black Iris Van Herpen booties from Catching Fire? For the very special poster of the Hunger Games third installment, Mockingjay part one, Elizabeth Banks’ character, Effie Trinket is seen wearing a dazzling pair of Nova Shoes.

Zaha Hadid United Nude Nova shoe Effie Trinket Hunger Games Mockingjay

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The spectacular shoes are the fruit of an iconic collaboration between two architects: Zaha Hadid and United Nude founder Rem d Koolhaas. First launched in 2013, this outstandingly constructed shoe combines the metallic shine of the chromed vinyl rubber with the clever engineer of fiberglass of which the hidden heel and platform are made of. A nappa leather interior and rubber outsole complete the couture hi-tech contraption worn by Effie for the Mockingjay visual art promo materials.

Effie Trinket Jewelry Alexis Bittar Bracelets and Rings Known and appreciated for his eccentric chunky jewelry, Alexis Bittar makes such a wonderful match for Effie’s electric fashion personality! Although trying to keep a low key during this first installment of the Mockingjay, Effie can’t help but adorn her fashion passionate persona with art-deco jewels provided by Alexis Bittar. Splashes of color, fun and whimsy, the oversized bracelets and rings make a lovely statement in such troubled times.

Alexis Bittar jewelry Effie Trinket Hunger Games Mockingjay

We’re still waiting a full response from Alexis Bittar’s team, until we have exact specifications of the bracelets provided for Eizabeth’s Banks Effie character, similar cuffs and rings are available here, here, and here

Effie Trinket Fishnet gloves with gold flowers During the first Hunger Games movies, Effie Trinket was wearing bespoke gloves designed by Dorothy Gaspar of the much appreciated Gaspar Gloves label. Still waiting for official confirmation from their team, but chances are Effie had reprised one of Gaspar Gloves creations, a lovely statement piece in embroidered gold fishnet sans fingers for her time in the District 13.

Effie Trinket Hunger Games Mockingjay fishnet gold embroidery glove

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Effie Trinket Grey Bandana/headscarf During her stay in the District 13 quarters, Effie has come up with a clever way to devise herself and among the accessories she chose for the occasion, the grey bandanna is clearly a custom-made item. The full scarf print is actually a classified layout of the District 13’s underground structure. A map complete with the District’s monogram in a corner. A smart way for Effie to blend into her new residential situation by turning into her advantage, as always.

Effie Trinket Hunger Games Mockinjay Bandana headscarf

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Mockinjay Boots: Custom made Naot Dafna Scout Should you want to replicate the exact look of the utilitarian boots worn in the District 13 by everyone from the President Alma Coin to the Mockinjay herself, Katniss Everdeen, you can choose the Palladium Mono Chrome Baggy II in Nordic Blue. Offering the closest similarity to the Palladiums seen in the poster art for Mockingjay part one, the Mono Chrome Baggy II come with the sturdy nubuk upper and single-unit molded rubber outsole that made the Palladiums famous and still very fashionable utilitarian boots from Dafna Naot. Successfully collaborating with the movie’s costume designers, the creative team from Dafna by Naot added an extra rubber toecap to their Scout boots for a fuller look as disclosed by their PR department exclusively to Stylefrizz.

Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 boots Dafna Naot Scouts

although custom-made, the boots worn in the District 13 were clearly based on the Scout Dafna Naot boots which are already available for preorder here

If you don’t want a foldable, high boot, you can always go for the Monochrome Palladiums in Dark Gray with their mid-top silhouette in cotton canvas. Or the Palladium Pampa Hi boots also in a dark Indigo Metal shade.

As seen in the movie, the Scout boots for men and women will be available in both grey and black canvas upper. The producers have supplied almost 700 pairs of boots for both Mockingjay Part 1 and 2 so we’ll be seeing more of these comfy shoes next year for the second Hunger Games Mockingjay movie!

Hunger Games Mockingjay shoes boots custom Dafna Naot

the Dafna by Naot Scout boots worn by the main characters in Hunger Games Mockingjay Part One, slightly modified by the movie’s costume designers

Naot is an Israeli-founded shoe brand (Naot means ‘oasis’) which is based, even from its modest debut in 1942, on the idea that comfort is fashionable. 50 years later, not only are the Naot fabricated footwear fashionable and worn all over the world, but being the official shoes supplier for the Hunger Games franchise instantly propelled them to a never-before attained shoes reference for the younger generation. Still manufactured at Kibbutz Naot Mordechai in Northern Israel, the Naot footwear represent so much more than meets the eye! Their ultra-comfy footbed made of latex and cork revolutionized the industry and the style flexibility of the Naot footwear not only saved the brand in the late 80s but is now making a superstar of the comfy utilitarian shoes with a little help from Hunger Games!

Hunger Games boots Dafna Naot Scouts grey

may comfort be ever in your favor with the utilitarian boots from Dafna by Naot!

The entire costumes repertoire for this new chapter in the Hunger Games arena, Mockinjay part one, was signed by designers Kurt Swanson and Bart Mueller. They took on this mission from Trish Summerville and delivered an exquisite interpretation of the somber looks needed for this particularly underground episode. With a little help from designer Aitor Throup, the awarded costumey duo chose as departure point silhouettes from the WWII restrained in a very grey palette. The sketches shown in the movie as drawn by Cinna were, actually, Kurt and Bart’s – they managed to incorporate elements from Japanese martial arts into the gorgeous Mockingjay costume, the sole dressy extravaganza of this normcore fashioned movie.

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(fiy, normcore is the new fashion rave invented by hipsters who, apparently tired of their own fashion eccentricities, decided to use ‘Steinfeld’ as their new style reference and call the new hype ‘normcore’ which is explained with ‘suitably dressed for the occasion’ or ‘purposely ordinarily dressed to blend in’)


#1 Ellington on 11.26.14 at 12:35 pm

I have to be honest I am not a Hunger Games fanatic.
I have not read the books, I have no desire to. I did see the first and second film but on DVD and that was just because they were there.
The fashion is interesting, I found Effie to be kind of kabuki crazy in her fashion, Cesare to be like a gameshow host on steroids, everyone else dressed really well considering that they were in a dystopian society, well everyone except the Capitol people.
This is interesting but I find that in any good film the costumes/clothes are indeed another character that adds to the plot.

#2 Omer on 12.06.14 at 3:15 pm

The original shoes from the movie are made by an israeli company called teva naot

#3 Inbar on 12.09.14 at 1:08 am

Hi there
The shoes in the photoes are called SCAUT and made by DAFNA footwear!

#4 kpriss on 12.09.14 at 2:26 am

thank you Omer and Inbar for your feedback! made the adjustments accordingly!

#5 ceebee_eebee on 02.18.15 at 1:54 pm

Were you ever able to identify her sunglasses? I’ve been searching for an ID for months with no success.

#6 Nick Collier on 09.27.15 at 11:38 am

Hi the combat boots in the part two of the movie are made by a company called oki boots. Old world war two double buckle jungle boots dyed black. They will be available for fans soon.

#7 kpriss on 09.27.15 at 11:40 pm

thank you Nick! priceless piece of info! I love it!

#8 kpriss on 09.27.15 at 11:40 pm

I wish ceebee_eebee! I too gave up after searching high and low and contacting the official reps for more details…

#9 Nathalie fischer on 03.25.19 at 6:22 pm

Hello, anyone know where one might be able to purchase that lovely banada effie wears?? I’d love to add it to my repertoire

#10 Dfern on 05.26.20 at 12:17 pm

Does anyone know where the sunglasses are from?

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