Rihanna Diamonds World Tour Wardrobe By Givenchy

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I was talking about designers and my love for show – off designers. Where do they get to practice that rare art of putting on a show outside the catwalk? On the stage, biensur. As such, I’m convinced that fashion designers who unlock a deal with an entertainer also get something else beyond the financial satisfaction of a high profile contract: they get to practice the show art in front of a worldwide audience!

This is the kind of deal going on between Rihanna and Riccardo Tisci as she kicked off her new world tour: the Diamonds World Tour with a spanking new fashionable wardrobe from Givenchy!

RIhanna Diamonds World Tour Givenchy Wardrobe

Friday, at her inaugural concert in Buffalo, Riri put on her best Givenchee foot forward and entertained the crowds with her siren voice. Details about the wardrobe emerged, only to confirm the creative responsibility Tisci took in order to highlight Rihanna’s stage duties: from the black and white leather bra with golden buckles and starry embroideries to the heavily printed parka with gold bullet motifs, embroidery and Swarovski Elements.

After Paris Fashion Week’s Saint Laurent show, fashion editors were deemed too ‘old to get’ Hedi Slimane’s grunge appeal targeting the young fashion generation. Now, facing pretty much the same kind of criticism, Riccardo Tisci gracefully describes his lucrative deal with Rihanna, somewhat saying that Geevenchee is the label of the ‘punk and talented’, of ‘female empowerment and urban haute couture elegance’.

RIhanna Diamonds World Tour Givenchy Costumes

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