Beyonce In OJ Gulsen White Mini Dress: National Anthem At Super Bowl Press Conference

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I did mention that Beyonce was rehearsing for the Super Bowl halftime performance, didn’t I? But instead of taking in questions about her scheduled performance on Sunday, she started her press conference held in New Orleans yesterday by singing live and unaccompanied the Stars Spangled Banner. Live. On National Television. Her moment was grand and, although nobody really questioned her amazing voice or her ability to sing, Beyonce shut them all down.

One quick word about her white mini dress: Beyonce’s open back white dress was designed by Olcay Gulsen (also known as OJ Gulsen. A Dutch designer of Turkish descent). It’s actually a leather dress and currently on sale, so if you have an extra $770, you better hurry, Bey will most definitely make a sellout out of that dress!

Now lets’s hit the jump, and… ‘Would you guys mind standing?

Beyonce Gulsen white mini dress Super Bowl press conference

At least now we know: Beyonce’s Inaugural Performance was a lip synch. Too bad about the explanation. Didn’t really feel it. Actually – I just wish there was no need to explain whatsoever, but you can’t have it all… (images Getty, OJ Gulsen)

Beyonce white open back dress Super Bowl press conference

Beyonce singing live Super Bowl press conference

white mini leather dress worn by Beyonce


#1 Appollonia on 02.01.13 at 8:00 am

Are you kidding me? Beyoncé dressed in SuperTrash? That’s the name of Olcay’s brand. So it’s OJ Gulsen in the US? I hate that brand. Affordable clothes. Made in China. Not a good cut and fit….look at it…..

I never liked Olcay’s clothes but I admired her very much for her business instinct and huge success. Until she told on tv she liked the work ethics of China…..
She’s not a designer, no fashion education whatsoever. She’s a business woman. Someone else designs.

OJ? Olcay is a lovely name methinks….

#2 Appollonia on 02.01.13 at 8:24 am

BBC is going to broadcast the Superbowl, I think I’m going the watch the phenomenon. By the way I do believe Beyoncé can sing live!

No news in the Dutch media about Olcay’s new success until now.

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