Suri Cruise Wears Winter Jacket!

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There was a time when I was genuinely worried because I kept seeing little Suri Cruise wearing frilly summer dressed even when it was seriously chilly outside. Those days are long gone as little Suri was just seen out and about with her mom, Katie Holmes, in New York wearing a knee – long quilted winter jacket!

I never thought I’d see this day! Wait, there’s more: she was also wearing a tartan pink winter scarf, pink pants (yes, Suri is wearing pants these days!) and fur lined boots with pink soles! I’m really amazed and happy for the little one!

Suri Cruise wears winter jacket

Finally someone stepped into her wardrobe and made the weather adjustments necessary! I wonder if that’s because Suri is mostly around her mom now and less under dad Tom Cruise’s influence.. Not to be misunderstood, but dads have a way to meltdown before their little girls and go with their every (wild) wish!

So yeah! Suri Cruise is wearing winter clothes! Which is not making her happier, judging by the friendly looks she’s giving. Blame it on the cold, Suri, blame it on the cold! (images SplashNewsOnline)

Katie Holmes Suri winter jacket

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