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Easter Fashion Headlines: Reese Witherspoon’s New Hair, Suri Cruise’s New Bangs!
A slow couple of days during the Easter celebrations. But while I was doing my fash-interwebs rounds, I did notice a few headlines repeating endlessly... Read More

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Suri Cruise Wears Winter Jacket!
There was a time when I was genuinely worried because I kept seeing little Suri Cruise wearing frilly summer dressed even when it was seriously... Read More

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Roger Vivier Shoes For Kids
Can you believe it? Roger Vivier is launching a girls shoes line! And you know what? I’m not even surprised! I’m sure you all remember... Read More

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The New Wardrobe Must For Little Girls: High Heels
You may remember I felt a bit outraged when the first pictures of little Suri Cruise wearing high heels sandals emerged. Just as I previously... Read More

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Suri Cruise Loves Ugg Boots and Starbucks
Oh, Mothers out there forgive me for I have sinned! There’s been so long since my last Suri Cruise rant! I will fix this right... Read More

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Suri Is Tom Cruise’s Stylist
If something goes wrong in Tom Cruise’s wardrobe, it’s Suri who has to take responsibility! It has recently been revealed that little Suri Cruise (need... Read More

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Flats? Don’t Say That Word Again!
I wish I could find the words for this one! As weeks go by, I pretty much realize we’ve seen nothing yet. The Suri Cruise... Read More

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Suri’s Spanish Pink Flamenco
Needless to say she’s wearing high heels shoes. Again! But what about that pink flamenco dress? Little Suri Cruise is wearing a pink flamenco dress... Read More

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