Fashionista’s Must Have Lamp: Clothes Hanger Lamp

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I keep looking for the perfect lamps for each room in our home for years now. And until I’ll find the right ones, I’m transitioning with some Ikea lampshades. But today I found something that made me reflect on the purpose & shape of a proper lamp. Because inspiration can come from the most unexpected places & things, here’s a glorious clothes hanger lamp!

Forget scarves over lampshades, forget pompoms lampshades or tutu skirts lamps! Take your good ol’ fashioned clothes hanger, hang a shirt on it and there you go: fashionista’s lamp in all its resplendissant (cheap) glory!

fashionista s lamp clothes hanger

The Clothes Hanger Lamps you’re seeing here were made by Hector Serrano in 2002 and can be infinitely personalized just by changing the hanged garment! Of course, you’d still have to pay $166 for what looks like a conventional clothes hanger with a light bulb string attached to it. And it also doubles as a Halloween decoration, so you can save on that idea too! (still sounds like a bad idea all around to me – hanging fabric over a light bulb is most likely a disaster waiting to happen, but then again I ain’t no designer either, I couldn’t judge the design value of this lamp being superior than its imminent danger value.)

clothes hanger lamp by Hector Serrano

clothes hanger turned into lamp

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