Emma Stone Talking About Her And Her Vogue Pictorial

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Talking with you about Emma Stone’s Vogue July 2012 cover taught me one important thing – not smiling doesn’t necessarily mean not happy. As I always looked at Emma Stone as a happy person, I was under the impression that, because she wasn’t laughing ear – to – ear, she was teary eyed and sad.

Which, judging from the video below, couldn’t be more wrong! Emma talks about her experience with Vogue for the Mario Testino shot pictorial and she talks about experimenting. With different clothes, with different aspects of her personality. Acting, in short. And she seems to enjoy every second of it! (so do we!)

Emma Stone Vogue US by Mario Testino

As she’s confessing herself, after years of starring in comedy movies, time has arrived to see more in Emma than ‘the funny’ one. She can take on a richer palette and build such a heavy, substantial acting repertoire that I can’t wait to see what else she has for us in the future roles of her career.

…which will hopefully go way higher and less web-deep than Spiderman (I’m thankful to the new Spiderman movie because it landed her on Vogue’s cover, but that about empties my reconnaissance bag for the said blockbuster and Emma’s involvement in it. Feel any different? please elaborate in the comments section, I’d love to hear you out on the matter!)

Emma Stone delicate for Vogue

Interesting enough, Emma inspired Tonne Goodman to style her into a highly versatile pictorial. Masculine clothes threw in a wild mix of prints and feminine clothes matched into a subtle game of layers and transparencies.

Emma Stone men suit for Vogue

Christiaan lent a helping hand with the hair, making it just as crazy and as beautiful to match the rest and now it’s up to us to peel down print after print, lace after lace, ruffle after ruffle to get to the chore of Emma Stone. I still can’t take my eyes off of that smile! Can you?

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#1 Ellington on 06.20.12 at 9:13 am

I really like Emma Stone.
She seems rather fun and nifty! : )

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