Tarantino’s Django John Legend Who Did That To You

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How was your weekend, my dahlings? I want to start the SAG Awards coverage with this. Because it’s clearly about movies and my deep appreciation for everything – cinematography. That is, of course, if we consider Quentin Tarantino a modern – day cinematographer. They’re not many like him, today.

At least not in the US. People with a real vision. A vision standing out from the rest. A distinct way to imagine and work a distinct movie. I waited and waited, but I don’t think this video will drop any time soon, so I’ll just leave it like it is, an audio – only. John Legend is an excellent music maker and performer and I love listening to his songs (which is also why I included a second video, right after the jump). He submitted this song for Tarantino’s consideration and he made it to the original soundtrack.

My dahlings, here’s Django Unchained John Legend Who Did That To You:

Tarantino s Django Unchained poster

Jamie Foxx Django Unchained scene

Samuel Jackson Django Unchained scene

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