Jessica Simpson Advocating For Weight Watchers

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For a couple of days now, wherever I turn my head, there’s a title about Jessica Simpson’s Weight Watchers new commercial. Because, as I already warned you before, during the Holiday Season: weight & diet & exercising topics are the most praised and promoted subjects in the media.

But isn’t it a bit disturbing, seeing Jessica Simpson advocating for post pregnancy weight loss while actually being pregnant. Again? I’m happy for Jess and her positive results in what seemed to be a battle to regain her avant – baby body. But isn’t this all media – made? (the story continues right after the jump, don’t miss the video!)

Jessica Simpson s new body Weight Watchers

Jessica Simpson is a very successful business woman, after all: should her appearance have anything to do with who she is? More: should her weight have anything to do with who she is?

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#1 ana on 12.20.12 at 2:37 pm

First let me say I like her. Not her music style neither her fashion style but she seems to be a nice girl. A bit dumb but nice.
And normally I do like Weight Watchers commercials.Remember Jennifer Hudson in that red dress ?? Love it!
Now, this ad is not convincing. At all. Her words sound just badly memorized . I dont feel them.
And the stylism : a loose blouse and a shirt over ? those boots ?? Normally celebrities wear Herve Leger kind of dresses to show that they effectively slimmed.
Lost 50 pounds ??? Nop . Sorry. that is not true.
On the other hand I am glad she is advocating for weight loss. The sad fact is that you should never allow yourself to gain extra 50 pounds !

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