Most Fashionable Talk During The Holiday Season: Weight

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I’d like to start this short warning by saying I’m a naturally lean girl. Always been – and judging by the looks of my father, who passed his skinny gene onto me – I’ll always be. I’m coming forth with this because I’m honestly hoping it will keep ‘haters gonna hate’ genre comments at bay. Yeah, I’ve been getting a lot of those, especially when I signaled that this or that starlet is craving for attention by wearing a dress two sizes below her normal size. There’s no ‘poor taste’ indicator on the scale, people! One can very well be model – thin and still favor Jersey Shore fashion.

Jessica Simpson s new slimmer body I was browsing through the news and one thing really alarmed me among the gazillion fashion topics of what coat, what dress you should pack for Thanksgiving. Weight! Just try it yourself: go check out your favorite website (that’ll be StyleFrizz, ahem! – blushing) and you’ll notice the weight talk!

I’ve read people talking about respectable hit TV series and the weight of the actors involved. I’ve read articles about Jessica Simpson’s new weight loss, I even read that Zara won’t expand in rural U.S. because the customers ‘won’t fit in the clothes’.

zara factory

You think I’m kidding, huh? No! Once the Holiday Season milestone is hit, every year, the media starts pumping the weight issue through all the available channels. I was in the kitchen yesterday, listening to the news. On the radio. And lo and behold, the NPR news continued, after highlighting the main political and economical issues of the day, with a very interesting talk surrounding the treadmill desk. Because, you see, the experimental use, on a small group of 30 people showed that they lost a lot of weight in just a month from switching from the traditional desk to the treadmill desk.

It’s a dream! Personally, I always wanted to write a lengthy piece of thought like this one while running at 2miles per hour. Actually, you know what? next time I’ll do my yoga workouts, I’ll try exercising my Photoshop retouching skills on some random picture!

the treadmill desk

Yesterday, I signaled Christina Aguilera as a wrong example and I used her Red Carpet appearance during the annual AMAs this year to sustain my theory: there’s no way you can broadcast a positive message to your fans or indifferent bystanders if you’re looking like a burnt pancake pan! People stop focusing on who you are and concentrate on how you look instead. Hence the numerous backslash pouring in Christina’s direction because she can’t be waif skinny. I have no problem with that scale – talk, I happen to think that it’s just not an easy topic to address to. The complexity of weight gain / loss is dynamite sensitive matter. Should be treated accordingly. Do I even need to exemplify what happens instead? I’m sure that if you take it inside yourself, you’ll remember at least one occasion, daily, when you’ve heard / read / witnessed a weight – discrimination moment!

Christina Aguilera Red Carpet disaster AMAs 2012

From the abyss of the zero size talk to the peak of bashing a rounder person, you’ll hear them all during the Holidays Season! All colors of the weight rainbow will pass before your eyes like Macy’s giant Thanksgiving parade balloons. All that because people gather round festive dinners during this season and they go ahead and enjoy themselves! It’s like every ounce of menu joy must be paid for in jeans and workout sweat. Maybe it’s time we start treating ourselves with more honesty and more love? Maybe if we would just stop obsessing about the outside shell we would give our body a chance to tell us what it needs? What it wants? Chances are your body won’t tell you that you really need that extra pair of extra skinny jeans! But ask yourself this: are you ready to be honest with yourself? Are you ready to forget the trending topics, figure out what you want to be and just go out and become that?

I’m aware that this weight talk could’ve gone further, but I just wanted this piece to be a modest warning sign pre – Holidays. You’ll hear a lot of weight talk this season. Let it pass, it’ll fade on itself, like every other fashionable thing out there.


#1 Appollonia on 11.20.12 at 12:19 pm

I love it when you write pieces like this Kpriss. Well said girl. I totally agree. :)

#2 kpriss on 11.20.12 at 10:12 pm

thank you! It matters so much :*

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