Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Love Perfume

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A new day, a new celeb perfume! What a treat! After watching Avril Lavigne’s Black Star video, I quickly oriented my black-star-lowered IQ towards yet another celeb introducing yet another perfume!

It’s Jessica Simpson and her Fancy Love Fragrance. It’s not a fair question to ask, but Jessica is the new Dr. Love, now? After her divorce, she didn’t get any luckier in her relationships (she’s reportedly single even as we speak) so it comes as rather weird to see her promote a scent symbolizing the eternal love, as she said! Fancy Love! Jess, we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for you! (on a financial side note – Jessica’s merchandising business registered a $50 Million in sales for 2008’s perfume, Fancy so she may not be lucky in her personal life, but that surely doesn’t stop the big dough from piling in!) (via)

Jessica Simpson Fancy Love perfume

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#1 Ellington on 08.01.09 at 7:26 am

Paris, Jessica, Avril and a lot more put out perfumes. I don’t buy them because I don’t “buy them”.
I only appreciate the items of people that I do admire and who’s work I respect. I don’t admire respect any of them.

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