Quickest Halloween Makeover: Hair Chalk

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My dahlings! Halloween is just around the corner! I know some of you don’t dress up anymore (I wouldn’t either, but then I’d just get hugely unpopular with our four kids – wink), but maybe you’re just looking for the right idea? Here’s something to fuel your imagination: colored strands of hair with no actual hair dye!

Hair chalk. It’s been around from the hot summer days and now it’s making a big comeback for Halloween purposes. Below a simple, quick tutorial on how to dye your hair in funny, pretty rainbow colors without lasting effects! (beyond the first wash, that is).

I just cut my hair today, so I don’t know if I would be actually trying this for the weekend parties. (plus I have wavy – curly hair, and the chalk would add serious dryness to those ever challenged ends. But you know what I’d do? I’d whiten all my hair. With hair chalk, yes. Because I kinda love white / gray hair. You?)

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