Kim Kardashian Could Wear A Kitten Halloween Costume. How About You?

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My dahlings! It’s been an amazing weekend for us and I hope it was nothing short of fabulous for you as well! First, our eldest boy just turned 8! And we had a bunch of people over, celebrating and enjoying the moment. Then we joined a cousin for the special celebration of their baby boy’s christening. Which party (of course) also turned out great (and led me to some ideas we’ll talk about later).

Kim Kardashian Halloween costume But I really missed talking style with you! And I also missed our weekend gossip (wink).

Have you seen what Kim Kardashian will (possibly… maybe) wear for Halloween this year? A kitty cat. somewhat. Maybe she was just inspired by her own kitty cat or maybe she’s just going for the classics. Anyway, it’s gotta have Kanye’s style seal of approval before anything!

(btw has anyone seen that pretty ball of fur around anymore?)

What will you be wearing this Halloween? I admit I’m really short on ideas. Not that a black cape and a bat headpiece won’t take care of the night, but still… Have you anything in particular in mind for this year? More! What would be your wildest dream costume? (I was going to say one of the Transformers, but I really didn’t like how Heidi’s robo costume turned out – it was pretty impressive. But also pretty weird.) Ah, yes! Speaking of Heidi – do you think she’ll host another Halloween party again?


#1 Ellington on 10.15.12 at 11:50 am

I do not dress up for Halloween.
I did when I was little though.
Ah Kim and Kanye… they are perfect for each other.
No that is not a compliment. ; )

happy belated bday to your son! : )

#2 Riana on 10.15.12 at 5:13 pm


Sounds like a great weekend. Happy birthday to your son and to the parents :)

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