Dress Your Phone For Halloween: Marc By Marc Jacobs Owl iPhone Case

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Although I’m personally not a fan of bulky phone cases, this Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone case is particularly catchy these days.

With Halloween and all! What? you think your trusted phone won’t appreciate a bit of dressing up? In a glamorous black & white owl case? It goes by the name of Javier, (among others) available chez shopbop. Boo – hoo, Marc is dressing you!

Halloween iPhone case Marc by Marc Jacobs

If you’re not an owls fan, Marc also has a cat up his phone case sleeve and it’s looking mighty pretty. scary.

Marc Jacobs black cat phone case

Now, if you’re simply aiming for a more frightening appearance of your phone, there’s a lot of Halloween ready cases out there to dress your precious gadget in! They don’t necessarily have to have a ‘designer label’ to impress you and scare your bank account.

Halloween phone case ghost frankenstein

Ghosts, Frankenstein or cats, you can have one for the month or one for each day! And who’s even counting celebrations, you can keep your ghostly case all year long! It’s only up to you, etsy can’t wait to offer you the spookiest cases around!

black cat phone case

Hereby a brief selection of Halloween mobile phone cases to inspire you make the right, spookiest choice. Don’t forget the matching screen saver and scary sounds! It’s all for the greater spook…ahem good!

Halloween phone case

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