Gray And Proud. Wear Your Gray Hair With Style Like Ingmari Lamy

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I told you about my decision to grow out my gray hair and willingly ignore that hair dye exists. Throughout the years, I will continue to support this cause by bringing you more and more examples of stylish, absolutely fashionable ways to wear natural, gray hair! This, my daaahlings is one of them! The beautiful, amazing Ingmari Lamy! (with a little help from Vanessa Jackman)

Gray Hair Gorgeous Ingmari Lamy


#1 Riana on 01.27.12 at 1:25 pm

Kpriss; good for you! Bravo girl!! My red hair is fading. My beloved late mother did end up a sort of pink. I think a lot of people do look great with their own natural hair colour also with gray hair. Gray comes in very different nuances. Often really beautiful.

I have no idea who this lady is but she does look amazing and very graceful :)

#2 kpriss on 01.28.12 at 11:32 am

:* (blushing) thank you, sweetie! So what you’re saying, basically, is that red hair is not going gray but pink? Soooooo wicked! :X

#3 Riana on 01.28.12 at 12:54 pm

You say wicked? In old ages red haired women were believed to be witches ;)

#4 kpriss on 01.28.12 at 1:08 pm

Red hair is magic! :X

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