Jennifer Lopez Pairs Her Hot Pink Tracksuit With Pink Hermes Birkin

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You know, I like to wear my beloved velour tracksuit pants every now and then. They feel so comfy and so cozy and so… feminine? What? As opposed to ordinary gray cotton college tracksuits? Yeah, I’d say velour tracksuits are pretty girly! But I enjoy that in the comfort of my anonymity and in the intimacy of our home or in the imminent rush of a school run.

I’m not Jennifer Lopez. But Jennifer wasn’t not supposed to be JLo anymore either. Wearing a pink tracksuit (with golden ‘Angel’ written on the side of her pants) and matchy Hermes Birkin is a Jersey shore move, girl! Paging Marc Anthony! It’s a fashion emergency! (what’s Casper doing to you, Jennifer? Oh, and did you notice her daughter emerging with that Vuitton bag? Clearly, money doesn’t buy style.)

Jennifer Lopez pink tracksuit pink Hermes Birkin bag


#1 ana on 10.25.12 at 1:00 pm

Oh Jesus, she didn´t…
Very “from the block”.

#2 Riana on 10.26.12 at 4:57 am

Yes, she did. She’d better be careful with the “Croydon facelift” too….:D

I do not consider the Birkin a classic bag anymore. It has become so vulgar nouveau riche. Too bad for the grandeur of the name, quality and the craftsmanship.

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