Jersey Is The New Style

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I know we’re talking about all kinds of extraordinary things here. But a true fashionista must stay informed and this, my daaahlings, is priceless information in the style wars!

It seems that ever since the Jersey Shore madness, the Style Network has put on a new show on the market: Jerseylicious which deals with beauty salon catfights (among other fashionable things). Yes, fashion people, eat your fashionable hearts out! The fashion democracy is all about hairspray and tan lotions! Jersey People, the new Fashion People! (via, photo Jerseylicious)

Style Network Jerseylicious

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#1 keiko on 04.05.11 at 6:04 pm

This show has been on for at least a year – 2nd season has just aired. The going ons are so outrageous that I sometimes wonder if it is scripted? I mean who would sincerely dress & act that way naturally?

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