Your iPhone Is LV Or Diamonds Compatible?

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If you love your phone, you’ll take good care of it. By that I’m saying you shouldn’t put it in the same place as the keys or metal coins, or any other metal object that could scratch it, that you shouldn’t drop it (on any surface, including liquid) or keep it near heat sources. All that and more (but I haven’t memorized the manual).

Anyway, that’s what a normal phone owner does. Others just like it blingy. So to attend those who are called everything from snob up, below the iPhone cases to impress. The first one is the Louis Vuitton. What it does and how it looks like:The LV case makes you iPhone from 0,5 to almost 10 times more expensive since a Monogram Canvas case is $225 and the Alligator Skin case is $1120. It looks like this: (more after the jump)

Louis Vuitton iPhone Case

Diamonds iPhone CaseOf course if 10 times the price isn’t really your league, then you’ll surely consider the Diamond iPhone Case. What it does and how it looks like: it makes your iPhone cost 100 and something times its price. It also hides it away in a beige case adorned with 42 3,5 carats diamonds worth $20,000. It’s the most expensive iPhone case and it looks just like this:

So what would it be for you? The fashionable LV or the blinding diamond blingy? I’m ready to stick my iPhone in a white sock, just to protest!

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#1 Dolly Bird on 08.20.08 at 1:24 am

Not targeted at you kpriss but…yawwwwwn these items are beginning to get boring.I don’t have an iPhone but my portable phone is in a Miss Kitty lookalike case I bought at the village market for next to nothing and its made my friends squeal in delight.
I think that diamond case at $20,000 is vulgar and just asking for trouble unless you live constantly on Fisher Island or Monaco.I’ll stick to my almost-Miss Kitty sock thank you.

#2 Adriana on 08.20.08 at 7:20 am

Right Dolly Bird, I do notice a lot of vulgar things lately. Didn’t notice that tho. I’ve enough of LV too. Do they rule the world these days? Not here! I start to scream if I see one more LV item fake or real again….grrrrrr…..
I don’t even want a iPhone. For what reason? You must see my cell-phone. A 6 years old walkie-talkie Nokia. He works fine and I don’t need my reading glasses too to pick up my phone….
Do people have still doorbells you can ring on to stop by?? I guess they have to check their iPhone first….

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