Kristen Stewart’s New Style: Black ALC Pants

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So here she goes: Kristen Stewart promoting On The Road looking all different and grownup. Because, as we talked earlier, Kristen Stewart is undergoing a heavy makeover phase, something that’ll stitch her “pure” image back together in time for the Twilight tour.

Promoting her latest movie in NYC, Kristen wore her hair pretty much like she did at the Toronto Film Festival. And this new hairdo is treating her wonderfully – she looks great! The black pants she’s wearing are A.L.C. Jude cropped stretch wool – twill pants clearly few numbers up while the top is Balenciaga (shoes reportedly from Jimmy Choo). How do you like Kristen’s makeover?

Kristen Stewart black pants ALC On the Road NYC premiere

Kristen Stewart makeover

Kristen Stewart s new hairdo


#1 ana on 09.11.12 at 10:13 am

She looks SOO much better here.
And that ” i am deadly bored” expression has gone from her eyes.

#2 kpriss on 09.11.12 at 11:28 am

strange, isn’t it? It’s like she’s born again ;)

#3 Riana on 09.13.12 at 6:31 am

I bet she is a sort of born again! She’s young and apparently moved on. She looks great. I love this style a lot.

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