Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Walking Twilight’s Red Carpet? Together?

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Today is the 1st of September. How do you feel about the impending arrival of fall? I know some people are looking forward to this fall’s movie releases. One of them, in particular. As it comes with such dramatic implications!

Yep, yes! It’s that time of the week: the Robsten drama update. What happened since we last covered the affair? (pun intended) Well, much, apparently! Kristen Stewart’s mom has filed for divorce from her husband of 27 years (and father of Kristen). TMZ reported that the papers cite irreconcilable differences and also mention that Mr and Mrs Stewart live separately since 2010.

Next: a Twilight book. The cover revealed by Entertainment Weekly shows the Twilight saga heroes in happier times (details after the jump).

Kristen Stewart parents filed for divorce

The Twilight Journey” book covers details & trivia about the stars and the Twilight movies and is now available for pre order (here).

The Twilight book now available

However, as far as the last Twilight movie’s premiere goes (Breaking Dawn Part 2 premieres half November), things are looking blurry for the Red Carpet walk. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner always traveled together for the premieres. Now, rumor has it that Robert is unwilling to do that again so there’s no telling if (one) they’ll get together for the promotional tours or (two) if they’ll travel together, like in the good ol’ times…

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