Fashion Freezz Time!

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(oh, I’m just having fun! Play with me for a while!) So I was just browsing the news and I realized I had so much to talk about, so many stories to share with you! But before the kids kick in and save the day for them only, I’ll only have time to do a quick Blogaround. So I’d better get to it before they wake up, huh?

Goop is back! With Rag & Bone goodies! That is if you can find $1,600 to throw on a skinny suit! {StyleFrizz Inbox}

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Talking about shopping – Nikki Reed was followed around a shoes shopping session! As if trying countless pairs of headspinning gorgeous shoes wasn’t stressful enough! {Saks Twitter}

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett called it quits after nine years of marriage! rainin’ separations this year! {US Magazine}

There’s a new Modeling contest in town: Top Dog Model! Bring Tyra for some coaching, asap! {msn UK}

Ryan Lochte not only will sit in Fashion Week’s Front Row, but he’ll also be on Fashion Police! Because, you know, he has his collection coming up soon. Which is “Ralph Lauren, but with a little edge to it” {Fashionista}

Savannah Miller stepped down from Twenty8Twelve and released a fashion line of her own. Under a “swallow” label.{Telegraph}

And finally: Christian Louboutin red soles had been recognized as a Louboutin trademark color but only when matched with contrasting uppers. YSL can still use red shoes with red soles. Typical win – win. {FFG}

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