Sephora Makeover: Would You Use A Fragrance Bar?

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Recently passing near a Sephora store, I notice the huge panels inside, dividing the core of the store from the rest, like they were going through some heavy reconstructions. I searched for info about that and found out that Sephora was undergoing heavy makeover routines throughout the world.

It appears that the old beauty store concept is now du passé and the changes imagined by the big guys involve a Fragrance Flight Bar, iPads, Nails workshops and all kinds of surprise services for the customers.

Sephora modern makeover

Sephora fragrance barNow about that Fragrance Flight Bar: an atomizer in the shape of a tulip delivers a mist of perfume for the customer to smell blindly (without knowing what it is). Four delivery stations (Addictive, Casual, Chic and Playful) are ready for you to try out.

After you picked a favorite, there’s an iPad to help you select the ideal perfume for you, based on the notes / scents you just liked. Isn’t that fun? Would you try it? I would…

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