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Marc Jacobs Turns Online Shopping Into A Social Experience
Because everything’s gotta start somewhere, and because we already know that Marc Jacobs is usually the one who likes to push everyone into a commercial... Read More

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Maison Martin Margiela H&M Collection Isn’t Very Popular
You knew that one of the most avant – garde designer collaborations ever to be produced and sold through H & M was hitting stores... Read More

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Barney’s Slimmed Down Minnie Mouse And Daisy Duck
I was reading this heated protest campaign reclaiming Barney’s Disney characters slim down. And I thought about our kids. Who happen to watch Disney classics... Read More

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Fruit Market. In Japan
Simply wanted to share the amazingness that is a fruit market in Japan. Because not everyone can go there (although I really wish I could.... Read More

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Sephora Makeover: Would You Use A Fragrance Bar?
Recently passing near a Sephora store, I notice the huge panels inside, dividing the core of the store from the rest, like they were going... Read More

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Chanel Beautyfies The Olympics With London Pop Up Store
This Summer’s main event (at least as far as the Old Continent goes) is the Summer Olympics as hosted by the exquisite, most amazing city... Read More

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Rare Vintage Fashion Theft
Remember when Marc Jacobs’ LV collection vanished into thin air? I haven’t heard anything about those thieves being caught – have you? Because we may... Read More

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Counterfeit Store In Dubai: Primark
Talking about counterfeit goods reminded me of this little piece of news: there’s a fake Primark store in Dubai! Although there’s no retail operations base... Read More

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