Jada Pinkett Smith Covers Essence. Not Divorcing From Will Smith!

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I won’t let you fall behind with the news on Family & such, especially when we’re talking about our beloved famous ones! Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith have been one of my favorite (celeb) couple out there. They look beautiful together, always loving, they have gorgeous, talented kids, what’s there not to like about them? (now Jada is getting so involved in her initiative against human trafficking that she’s even starring in a video campaign, see it after the jump!)

Jada Pinkett Smith covers Essence September 2012Ah, yes! I know what’s not to like – people saying that Jada and Will are getting divorced. Which (attention!) they’re not! Jada Pinkett Smith is looking amazingly beautiful (can you believe that woman is 40? And that Will Smith is 44? I bet they found the Fountain of Youth!) on the cover of Essence’s September 2012 issue. There she clearly stated that although her divorce is a nasty rumor that keeps coming back every two years:

“We’re not getting a divorce. […] That’s my boo. It’s like he’s another part of me.”


#1 Riana on 08.13.12 at 7:43 am

I am very moved by the video….will it be any help? We can only hope so…..

Jade and Will are a nice couple as far as I can see? Will is a great actor. I love what she’s says about him. And I have become a fan of Essence. I just love it to hang out at their FB page :)

#2 kpriss on 08.13.12 at 7:57 am

there’s no telling if it will really help, but at least she doesn’t waste her time shopping around. She’s trying to help. That matters. I’m fully aware that my recycling this and that won’t heal the world, but at least I do my part :) like I know you do too.

You’re right, as far as we can see ;)
I love the features of Essence – I found so many useful tips in their (virtual) pages!

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