Alessandra Ambrosio Loves Her Melissa Shoes Collection

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Alessandra Ambrosio seems to have collaborated with Melissa on a shoes collection. More so, Alessandra has showed up at the launch of her said Melissa shoes line: Alessandra Ambrosio Loves Melissa Collaboration.

I have previously tried scooping more about the collection with no luck, so this is the best we have for the moment. Alessandra launching her Melissa shoes, July 30th and, although she seems to have a very glittery pair of pumps on her Melissa collaboration line, there’s also a flat ballerina with a nice bow that she wears in an ad panel seen behind her.

Alessandra Ambrosio loves Melissa shoes

Now you’ll ask what Alessandra is doing here on a Family & such day – simple. Alessandra is a model but also a mother of two. More so – Alessandra confessed to Fashionista that she grew up wearing Melissa and that her daughter is also wearing Melissa. It’s a family thing, you see…

Alessandra Ambrosio loves Melissa ad

Alessandra Ambrosio glitter pumps Melissa

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