Weekend Time, Couples & Babies Time! Drew Barrymore’s Baby Bump, Blake & Ryan Married

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So my dahlings! Yesterday was all Bastille & national debates, today let’s keep it in the family. Have you noticed how most weekends we have either a baby bump announcement or a new baby arrival? It would appear to be a trend, so let’s keep up!

As our dear friend, Riana, slipped me the news the other day, I tried to focus on the gossip media to see if they’ll be an official confirmation. Not yet. But I’m spilling it anyway: Penelope Cruz is pregnant again with her (and husband’s Javier Bardem) second child. Congrats (if proven accurate, biensur! She’s been “pregnant” so many times before, I feel like the boy who cried wolf!)

Speaking of confirmations: Drew Barrymore who kept mum about her being or not being pregnant, seems to be undeniably pregnant. For someone who’s not officially pregnant. (this, my dahlings, could very well be her first baby’s bump with husband Will Kopelman. If ever confirmed)

Drew Barrymore s baby bump

A police report could’ve been a little bit too revealing as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds who also didn’t officially confirm their relationship were called “Mr Reynolds and his wife”. Some sources say, however, that the Bedford PD report in question was a mistake. We’ll see about that; anyone I’ve left out?

Blake Lively married Ryan Reynolds

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#1 Riana (on a blue Monday) on 07.16.12 at 8:42 am

Ahh, I gave you to many hints about a certain pregnancy to guess lol! ;)

Ryan and Lively got or get married? Yep, it was about time after being four months together….Hows ex-Scarlett doing? She claims she’s too sexy for her film parts. Such modesty…well, I think she’s not such a great actress that’s her trouble.

Lovely! Drew get a child with husband nr6? I lost it counting….

Was this a good idea to start this about celebrities thingy? I’ve become too cynical about these cult.

Kpriss, warn me if I go too far?

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