Getting A Nose Piercing Makes You Famous: Evan Rachel Wood

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…and filming it! Because you know, this is the absolute Reality Show age and you can’t even go to the ladies room without someone reporting about it (I just read a gossip title where they said Tom Cruise visited the toilet three times in 20 minutes while being on set, filming Oblivion).

So, back to Evan Rachel Wood. Actress. True Blood among others. 24yo. Used to be Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend. Reading that and you’d instantly imagine her tattooed and pierced in all secret places. Maybe, maybe not. (I’m leaning towards the latter after watching her getting her nose pierced)

So, back again: Evan Rachel Wood gets her nose pierced (at the House of Ink, Venice Beach). She had everything filmed and tweeted with a warning: “I must warn you, do not watch the last video if you are squeamish”. (the video in question, you can watch it right after the jump – Keeping Up with the Kardashias, who? Keeping up with Evan Rachel Wood is the real deal!)

getting a nose piercing Evan Rachel Wood

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#1 Riana on 07.17.12 at 5:22 am

Nah, squeamish? Maybe a little, little bit at the end of the ’80’s when it was the new hot thing to do. These days? Yaaaaawn…..same thing with reality shows. Loved it at first but it began to bore me faster than anything I can remember? Certainly faster than Adam Levine finds a new ‘love’!

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