Adam Levine’s New Angel. Ahem Girlfriend: Behati Prinsloo!

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Adam Levine s new girlfriend (…more Angels talk!) So Adam Levine, who was left brokenhearted by Anne Vyalitsyna (breaking up with him not so long ago) has found an Angel to glue them pieces together! Behati Prinsloo is Adam’s latest victim… ahem girlfriend as they were seen walking hand in hand around town. Soon he’ll brag about having had the entire VS Angels squad passing through his bed! Yay! He’s the man! (my upset stomach is roaring)


#1 Riana on 07.17.12 at 5:00 am

Hows your stomach today dear?

I remember how I seriously did upset some fashionistas from Vogue UK forum mid ’00’s? The IT-bag thingy was still in full bloom. Where has that hype gone? Anyway, Vogue UK had an anniversary. Can’t remember what? The readers could listen to an audio with many fashion celebrities congrats Vogue with the festive occasion. I heard a
somewhat hysterical girl. It was Behati Prinsloo the newest big thing.
I just googled her age and found out I bashed a kid!! But she’s old enough now isn’t she? Behati seems hysterical happy or she thinks it’s very funny she’s with Adam now? He probably has been brokenhearted for less than five minutes? His ego must have been shattered far, far longer. :P

Her name fascinates me. I thought she was from South-Africa because of the name Prinsloo. It’s Namibia though.
Still smells like Dutch colonialism. The shame….for the Dutch not for her of course. But her first name Behati. Can’t find the origin. Amazing name!

Anyway, good luck to them with the happy fling! :)

#2 Riana on 07.17.12 at 5:03 am


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