Fashion & Sports Prada Designs For Italian Olympic Sailing Team

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If Stella McCartney designed the uniforms for the Summer 2012 Olympic team (the UK team, that is), Miuccia Prada is lending a style hand to the Italian Olympic sailing team. Prada is sponsoring the boat event’s wardrobe and Prada logos will be visible on the competition’s ships.

This is not Miuccia’s first foray into the world of sports as Prada is known for its association with America’s sailing Cup. It may have something to do with Patrizio Bertelli’s passion for sailing? (Patrizio is Miuccia’s husband and Prada CEO).

Now for a personal curiosity moment: when it comes to putting together your fit – wardrobe, do you favor designer sportswear or traditional, professional sports attire labels? I’ve always been in a serious dilemma when it comes to sport shoes & clothing; although I’d love me some fashionable, designer sneakers (just an example), I tend to choose more traditional sport attire labels (say.. New Balance? Just a random example, again) because I’m afraid designer products only offer the looks and not the science.

Prada Italian Olympic sailing team design

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#1 Riana on 04.04.12 at 6:08 pm

Traditional sports attire. Not just for the right science but their prices are more suitable for my budget. Plus there’s nothing wrong with the looks of the traditional sports attire.

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