New Balance Road To London Sneakers Collection

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We’ve talked about London hosting the 2012 Olympic Games – it’s a special event, meant to inspire so many related products! It just so happens that I’m on a sneakers spree (I think I feel summer approaching… plus: Isabel Marant’s $700 – something sneakers had me looking for more affordable options) and I found this charming new collection from New Balance.

New Balance Road To London is a collection – you guessed it right – inspired and dedicated to the 2012 Olympic Games. The iconic 420 and 574 with an Union Jack makeover; an important detail – both models are said to be handmade in a Flimby factory (the home of New Balance, situated along England’s North West coast) which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year! I love the new sneakers! I’d take the “Road to London” any day! Would you?

New Balance 420 and 574 Road to London Red

New Balance Olympic Games collection

New Balance 2012

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