Black (Leather) Is All We Need: Givenchy Fall 2012 Collection

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I really had no idea leather and fur could produce such (some wonderful) variations and combinations! Givenchy Fall Winter 2012 2013 is one of those “wow!” collections you don’t want to miss during a fashion week season.

This fall order is drama, dark drama and Riccardo Tisci can fill that drama with so much passion, you’d think he’s made out of drama. And lace. I liked what he designed for this Fall Winter 2012 2013 show and I’m certain I wasn’t the only one, Givenchy is one for the people. For the famous people. And can we blame them? I can’t, the fashion show was perfectly balanced – fame and style looked great in knee high equestrian boots.

Givenchy Fall Winter 2012 2013 collection

Givenchy fall 2012 lace

Givenchy fw 12 collection

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