Crystallized: Chanel Fall Winter 2012 2013 Collection

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That’s how I feel Karl Lagerfeld is! Chanel Fall Winter 2012 2013 Collection was, although I’m sure everyone will applaud it, sterile. It was over complicated, too intricate, derelict-uous instead of glamorous.

It’s like Lagerfeld had crystallized, thus no longer permitting outside influence and fashion novelty to get in the Chanel house. This show was old. Dusted. It lacked life and sparkle. I imagine it was meant to look this way, but its appearance won’t make me praise it.

Au contraire, the severe lackluster of Chanel’s fall 2012 collection worries me: it’s becoming clearer and clearer that people keep coveting Chanel because of its label more than for its aesthetics. And that, my fashion friends, is so sad! (this was posted before the style dot com review – I’m so curious what they’ll write! I bet it’ll all be roses and smiles!)

Chanel fall 2012 Joan Smalls

I tried to pull out all the look I found acceptable – I can even go as far as to call the purple dress likable (although if I’ll randomly pick up 80s fashion magazines, I’m sure I’ll stumble across something alarmingly similar). And I’d even pick Miranda Kerr as my favorite look from the show, but this means I’ve been making some really sustained efforts to dust off Chanel’s collection and see the good in it!

Chanel fw 12

Chanel fall 12

Chanel Fall Winter 2012 2013 collection

Chanel Fall 2012 Miranda Kerr

Chanel fall 2012


#1 ana on 03.06.12 at 11:44 am

Paris has been a big deception for me this season and now Chanel come with this…
I loath the colour combination in that maxi sweater ( picture 3). It reminds me what retired people wore in Bocca Raton in the late 80ies or those teal-colored jumbled mess from “The Cosby Show”.
I didn´t like the sheer trousers, neither the shoes.
Loved the jewelry. Really beautiful and modern.

#2 ana on 03.06.12 at 11:45 am

corrections : loathe

#3 Ellington on 03.06.12 at 7:42 pm

I rather like this.
The sombre jewel tones, the dense fabrics with the gossamer.
It seems to me to define the ‘mood’ that the world is in at this moment. : )

#4 sue on 07.03.12 at 12:08 am

The designs and the colors are too overpowering and complicated. Did not see the elegant cum sophistication in total.

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