The Red And The Blue Dresses 2012 SAG Awards Red Carpet

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Wrapping up the 2012 SAG Awards Red Carpet. So it was definitely a white Red Carpet. With safe black choices here and there. And there were blue dresses and there were red dresses (anyone wearing stars? I mean… blue, red, white? Stars and stripes?)

If I picked up a favorite (more, even) from the white dresses wearers, even from the black dresses, I can’t really say the same about the red and blue dresses! They were either unflattering, ill-fitting, bland, or too much. I’ll try, though! Squeezing in two of the dresses I thought were really nice and the ladies who worn them fairly: Jennifer Carpenter’s red Emilio Pucci dress – refreshingly short, simple, classic cut, lovely fabric work and.. f – lawless Jennifer Carpenter! Representing in the blue corner: Meryl Streep! She’s just amazing! She has this comfy, flattering personal style and she’s sticking to it! Oh, and she’s wearing Vivienne Westwood! (click through to see the rest; check out the gallery here)

Meryl Street gray Vivienne Westwood Jennifer Carpenter red Emilio Pucci 2012 SAG dresses

Back to red: there were red dresses (like Michelle Williams’s Valentino) and there were crimson, pink-ish, plum-ish dresses (like Sofia Vergara & Julie Bowen or Natalie Portman). I think the reds weren’t great (I said it with Michelle, I’m at it again) – there were few more examples of, although, flawless dresses, totally lacking appeal and glamour (and I’m thinking of Kyra Sedwick in red Emilio Pucci dress or Ahna O’Reilly whose heavily and daringly red cut dress was like an origami waiting to happen). I will say the crimson won – Dianna Agron’s crimson Carolina Herrera was lovely, very feminine and she really worn it well!

Mary Steenburger Dianna Agron crimson dresses 2012 SAG Awards red carpet

Now for the blue ones – most of them are so bad, really! I liked Jane Lynch very much – like Meryl Streep, she found her style and sticking to it! Great! Loving her blue David Meister dress! Diane Lane was lovely in blue David Meister dress too, only a very different style from Jane’s. Very Grecian, very nice. Regina King’s soft purple dress was perfect for her complexion and lovely overall. Ellie Kemper was all shimmery, Jessica Chastain’s Calvin Klein (weren’t we all waiting for her to wear something Armani?) was too simple and too blue – then again, she was in the white / pale camp for the Golden Globes, maybe she wanted something radically different this time? Oh, and Busy Philipps? Busy dress indeed! Melissa McCarthy and Jenna Fischer were representing for the ill – fitting blue dresses while Penelope Ann Miller (and Nancy Carell) should seriously consider some time off from their current stylists!

Diane Lane Jane Lynch blue David Meister dresses 2012 SAG Awards

I included Shailene Woodley soft blue with red flowers dress from L’Wren Scott, Ariel Winter and Aimee Garcia’s gray dresses as well as Emily Blunt’s emerald green Oscar de la Renta. Anyone I’ve left out? (and this concludes this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards Red Carpet report, all with a little visual help from here)

Ellie Kemper Jessica Chastain blue dresses 2012 SAG Awards Nancy Carell and Steve Carell 2012 SAG Awards Kate Flannery Melissa McCarthy blue dresses 2012 SAG Awards

Jennifer Carpenter red lace Emilio Pucci dress 2012 SAG Awards Busy Philipps blue and white boho dress 2012 SAG Awards Aimee Garcia Ariel Winter gray dresses 2012 SAG AWards

Shailene Woodley Emily Blunt Renee Bargh Shaun Robinson SAG 2012 dresses Regina King Ahna O Reilly 2012 SAG Awards Red Carpet Penelope Ann Miller Jenna Fischer blue dresses 2012 SAG Awards Red Carpet


#1 Ellington on 01.31.12 at 10:07 am

I really love Jane Lynch and Meryl Streep’s dresses they look great and stylish!
I also love Jennifer Carpenter’s dress, it is just a tad different and she stands out! : )

#2 Riana on 01.31.12 at 10:58 am

So do I! I adore Jennifer Carpenter’s dress :))
No, not because she’s a fave of my; she does indeed stand out. And yes, Meryl is far better dressed here than I’ve ever seen.

But what has happen to lovely Diana Lane’s face? Tell me please it’s the photo? I love her. She’s the kind of actress I really like and get to less attention imo. She has the greatest smile…please don’t let it be “had”…..(sneaky I re-watch always films on tv with her in it even when it’s not such a great one…). I also adore Dana Delany merely a tv-actress. Lovely ladies. Sorry, this is about dresses….:)

#3 kpriss on 01.31.12 at 11:01 am

I think it’s the photo… she was charming as always!

Girls (since it’s about the dresses ;) ) I have a confession to make – I think I traded Dexter for Homeland! It’s my new favorite series and if you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly recommend you to do it as soon as possible! It’s really great! (and that’s an understatement)

#4 Riana on 01.31.12 at 1:18 pm

Ha, yes I do watch Homeland yet since some weeks. It’s fantastic! And Damien Lewis is a s*xy redhead ain’t he? Claire Danes is outstanding. Wonderful cast. I’m ever so happy Dutch tv was so fast to broadcast this series. I think I quit the next (season 6) Dexter too since I’m tired of these killings that never seem to stop….shall miss Deb though and some other members of the great cast…

Pleased to hear Diane Lane was charming as always :)

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