The Black Dresses From 2012 SAG Awards Red Carpet

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Leading the black dresses pack was, undoubtedly, Emma Stone. It’s a subjective opinion, biensur, my fashperspective being completely blindsided by Emma herself – I really like her and especially by the fact that she’s wearing Alexander McQueen. However, I can’t deny that Angelina Jolie comes in a dangerously close second position. But then again, she’s always among my favorites on any Red Carpet. And that’s surely not only because of her outfits.

However, since the black dresses were so well represented on the 2012 SAG Awards Red Carpet, I had to pick a best from the rest, aside from my already mentioned weaknesses. And here I go, again picking two dresses: Stacy Keibler’s black lace Marchesa and Jayma Mays black sequined Reem Acra. (hit the jump to see the rest of the black dresses from the 2012 SAG Awards Red Carpet; check out the gallery here)

Stacy Keibler Marchesa lace Jayma Mays sequined Reem Acra black dresses 2012 SAG

Sadly, although the dress is flawless and the lady herself is truly impeccable, Stacy Keibler does nothing for me. (nor does her date, d’ailleurs). Jayma Mays I think is lovely all in all and I like her smile. Reem Acra’s sequined dress is a bit too dramatic for Jayma, but looking at the rest of the black dresses, I’m relieved whenever I lay my eyes on Jayma.

Tina Fey Versace Jane Krakowski Antonio Berardi black dresses 2012 SAG

Tina Fey’s Versace black dress was like a long lost twin sister of Jane Krakowski’s Antonio Berardi dress. Although beautiful in their own rights, the two dresses, together, on the same Red Carpet, were a certified sartorial fail. And talking about fail – have you seen Heather Morris’ Masai Payan? Oh, what a complicated nightmare of a dress! Glenn Close in black Zac Posen didn’t impress me at all while Ashlee Simpson’s black Jenny Packham spiderweb dress was nice. I just don’t understand what Ashlee’s doing there, that’s all (I know, I know, she’s there as “the girlfriend of…”). Oh, and is it just me, or Amber Heard is a sweeter, taller version of Scarlett Johansson? (again another Zac Posen failing to impress me). Amber Riley. Oh gurl? Whoever told you that dress looks good (on you) needs major style revisions!

Amber Heard cutout black Zac Posen dress 2012 SAG

Glenn Close black Zac Posen dress 2012 SAG Jayma Mays 2012 SAG Awards Red Carpet Amber Riley black dress bow 2012 SAG Awards Red Carpet

Ashlee Simpson black Jenny Packham dress 2012 SAG Jessica Lange Maria Menounous Emily Watson black dresses 2012 SAG Heather Morris black dress 2012 SAG Awards


#1 Riana on 01.31.12 at 11:12 am

Certainly Emma Stone is the winner and Angelina dangerously second? Not even in my top 25. I’m sorry but she’d almost look like scare crow. She should start to eat or whatever therapy she needed. And that overly display of affection between her and Brad I saw on a video and photos made me think: “Hey, find a hotelroom or do that at home please! We got the message”….

Stacy Keibler dress is great too. I had to google whom George’s current lover was. Got it.
Ashlee Simpson also look surprisingly nice. Love her dress.

How do you do it Kpriss? I’m yet tired of all these dresses although I like many of them.

Chapeau for your hard work :)

#2 kpriss on 01.31.12 at 12:32 pm

(blushing) I think it’s therapeutic ;) talking to you, sharing all these fashionable topics and style visions!

So you think Angelina is too thin… And that she wasn’t dressed well? I think she was better than she was at the Golden Globes – that red lipstick doesn’t do her any justice – her already too angular features become even more obvious, more dramatic when she’s wearing red lipstick. I wasn’t a big fan of the dress, that’s for sure, but I believe it suited her better (personality – wise).

What bugged me with Ashlee Simpson was that her body hugging dress emphasized her lack of waist.

#3 Riana on 01.31.12 at 5:29 pm

Yes, I think Angelina looks too thin and worse as I said. This photo is not that bad though others were. I didn’t even found her pretty. Sometimes she looks cold as ice. Scary…I was shocked.
I think the Versace dress was a beautiful dress but not on her with the red lipstick and that cold attitude.
She wore another black dress with lace sleeves at the Directors Guild Award (?) between this one and the Golden Globes. Looked way better on her. Her hair loose. Cover up those veiny skeletor tattoo arms and back….sorry, but the tattoos does look so tacky when someone get older…..I’m glad, although tempted, I’d never give in to take even one…brrr….

Ha, ten years ago I would never ever believed I should write something like this about gorgeous and fun Angie…she doesn’t age well don’t know why; she need help of some kind.

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