Get Some Jason Wu For Your Home!

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If you’re anything like me and you can’t wait for the next thing Jason Wu does, then you’ll be just as pleased to hear that Jason Wu has issued a new line of products with NEST Fragrances: Jason Wu Orchid Rain Candle. It’s just as the name puts it, a candle smelling like the Cattleya orchid with hints of pear, pomegranate, goji berry. It’ll sell through Neiman and Bergdorf. It’s time to light up for Jason Wu, everyone!

Jason Wu Orchid Rain candles

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#1 e.varden on 01.17.12 at 4:01 pm

Wu’s “Orchid Rain” candles:

I’m going to rain on his parade for a bit, beacause his crap deserves it.

First: The price (hard to find, but going by history, $32. PER CANDLE. [BTW, no flowers were hurt in the production of these.])

Second: I can’t say for sure, but because they don’t boast of anything different, I’ll assume the “wax” is oil-derived parrafin, which is toxic when burned. (You didn’t know?)

Third: The container. Nevermnd the pretty and incongruous black-and-grey motif going on on the outside which startles when the inside is full of a warm, cheery glow. WHY DOES THE TOP RIM look like you shouldbe able to detect the spiral to screw on a peanut-butter jar top?

This effort is SO bad. Fail.

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