Taylor Swift’s Vogue US February 2012

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Each and every time I used to complain about Vogue US doing celebrity covers. Now I gave up that whining for it is truly beyond me and living a perpetually negative attitude won’t help. The truth is, and I realize this can be upsetting for fashpeople who look at Vogue as the Bible of Fashion, that Anna Wintour is more than just about fashion. She’s about style.

And today’s style (for more reasons than I care to get into right now) is the celebrity style. Of course we get our fair share of models and fashion editorials, but as far as the cover goes… well take Taylor Swift’s Vogue February 2012 cover – it’s a great cover! And it will sell way more than, say, with Anja Rubik in the very same pose.

Now, what fashpeople may ignore here is that this way, fashion actually spreads wider and wider. Because this Vogue (as was the case with past editions and, undoubtedly, future issues will follow the same pattern) is more likely to be acquisitioned by people who aren’t religious about fashion and style. But, through this marketing trick, they get flooded with fashion and style despite their initial impulse to buy the magazine because of the celebrity cover.

My thoughts. Now let’s see what’s inside (you can check out the gallery here):

Taylor Swift Vogue February 2012 cover

Mario Testino’s pictorial with Taylor as a hippie bohemian rock chick is a bit too stereotype-ish, but I can understand where it’s coming from anyway. It’s nice, Taylor has model material so she was definitely easy to work with (or not?), she could’ve used more than just one pout face, but she has her own image to look after, despite being revamped by Vogue for this issue (there’s also a 6 pages long interview that you can read here if you’re interested).

Taylor Swift Vogue February 2012 colorful pictures

Clearly she wasn’t supposed to be the sweet, retro curled girl we were used to seeing so this abundance of colors and heavy fringe (bonus the weird boots) works just fine under Mario Testino. Now that we’ve got the celebrity out of the way, let’s cross our fingers for some heavy fashion load! I can’t wait for more inside goodies! Now tell me, how do you feel about this “new philosophy” about Anna’s celebrity covers? (and not just hers, but since we’re talking Vogue US momentarily…)

Taylor Swift Vogue February 2012 by Mario Testino

Taylor Swift Vogue s pictures

Taylor Swift Vogue February 2012 wearing Rodarte

Taylor Swift Vogue February 2012 rock chick


#1 keiKo on 01.17.12 at 1:26 am

I totally hear you – celebrity covers are a US Vogue thing & I need to just get with the program! (But it is a shame – IMO). Also I don’t think models are attractive enough for a cover – they are way too thin & angular.
I like the ’70s vibe that is going on – but I just don’t get Taylor Swift as having any fashion / style sense. There are other celebrities out there right now who could do wonders with a Vogue cover – Emma Stone or Mila Kunis – come to mind.

#2 Riana on 01.17.12 at 8:05 am

I always preferred Vogue UK. Now and then I bought Vogue US or Vogue Italia. London is closer to home. I’ve always loved English fashion, pop culture, literature etc. I feel more related to their style.Their last cover with Arizona Muse was lovely and fresh.

But my ladies there’s nothing new here. Everyone who did watch The September Issue knows this is it for now and the near future. Grace Coddington told it: Anna Wintour decided Vogue is about celebrities because they sell the magazine. Celebrities sell anything. It won’t be long and they made them sell us peanutbutter too.

Imagine a young Stevie Nicks…I also love the ’70’s style. It’s fun and joyful.

#3 Dollybird on 01.18.12 at 6:06 am

Its yet another take on Brigitte Bardot in the 70s…

#4 Riana on 01.19.12 at 10:24 am

Or Marianne Faithfull? At the cover she also look like Scarlett Johansson!

#5 keiKo on 01.20.12 at 1:59 am

I have just seen the ads for American Idol on TV & Anna – you should have put Steven Tyler on the cover! He totally rocks this look & has more street cred!

#6 Riana on 01.20.12 at 4:40 am

LOL!! The thing is “dude looks like a old lady”!

Nah, who really started this look; but yeah, he did totally rock that look :D

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