Jimmy Choo Leather Coffee Cup Sleeves

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You know I’m not one to shy away from a Starbucks guilty pleasure (and no, Starbucks doesn’t have the slightest idea who I am and if I wouldn’t pick up my weekly Starbucks treat, they wouldn’t notice for sure!). Naturally, when a coffee – related thing comes up, I’m all ears. And eyes.

However – leather coffee cup sleeves from Jimmy Choo? Come on? For the fashionista who has everything but is always on the run, here’s the perfect Christmas Gift from Jimmy Choo! Do you know anyone who’d be happy to own at least one of Jimmy Choo’s leather coffee cup Rika reusable holders? (ha! Reusable! This little word can even make you forget you’re spending $165 for a coffee cup sleeve!)

Jimmy Choo leather coffee cup sleeves

Jimmy Choo coffee cup holder

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