Gisele Bundchen’s Versace Spring Summer 2012 Blue Ad Campaign

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Versace’s ad campaigns represented by a blond headed girl are somewhat of a cliché. So, naturally, seeing Gisele Bundchen fronting Versace’s Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign wasn’t all that surprising.

The surprise comes with the actual photography. It’s like seeing it through a tanning bed’s lamp. Courtesy Mert and Marcus. (Ryan Barrett also stars in Versace’s upcoming campaign, set to hit the print media in March 2012). Interesting way to start a new advertising season: LV cotton candy, Versace tanning lamps… Wonder what’s next! (I think there’s something wrong with these images – I keep rubbing my eyes like all that blue thing is coming from me! What were they on when they approved this blue mess?)

Gisele Bundchen Versace Spring Summer 2012 ad campaign

Ryan Barrett Versace Spring Summer 2012 ad campaign

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