Gisele Bunchen’s Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

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Awww! Look who’s the ad darling this season! Gisele Bundchen! The gorgeous leggy mom will front the Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 ad campaign in addition to the blue-ish Versace one.

Although Givenchy’s isn’t far from being blue, Riccardo Tisci is putting it all on the dark glam side this season. Dark leather getup matched with black towering sandals is my favorite surfing gear too! Oh, and is Riccardo into surfing boards too? Those night black beauties in the back of the van? Also: the headlines were mentioning Mariacarla Boscono starring in the Givenchy ads alongside Gisele, Chris Moore and Simone Nobili (no word about a canine cast). And I don’t see Mariacarla in this Mert and Marcus picture. I only see the black dog… where are you Mariacarla?

Gisele Givenchy Summer 2012

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