Olivia Wilde Is A Revlon Ambassador

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Although the pictures available don’t clearly state what product she’ll be representing, one thing is certain: Olivia Wilde is the new Revlon ambassador in town!

And in all fairness, have you seen Olivia’s eyes? I bet that they glow in the dark! Especially when she’s wearing makeup, her impossibly blue eyes look surreal! Can’t wait for her Revlon ads to surface, I’m sure I’ll be blown away! And look at that hair! So simple, so beautiful (I think I’ll be stealing this hair styling idea for my next special occasion – wink)! Olivia Wilde is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women at this time! (although there’s no way she could ever take Zoe’s place in my heart!)

Olivia Wilde for Revlon ads behind the scenes

Olivia Wilde s hair for Revlon ads

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