Hamish Bowles X Factor With Britney Spears Oops I Did It Again!

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When this was brought to my fashionable attention, I was convinced it was a joke. That this was, in fact, April 1st and I was sitting duck for a funny on-line experiment. Well, after doing a little research, I concluded that it is most certainly not a joke and this is the real Hamish Bowles performing in the final audition stage for the X Factor.

Awkward… if we’re to take the fashion side of it, Hamish’s stage alter ego, Leo Mercure, was a style hero dressed up in Thierry Mugler (or was it Jean Paul Gaultier ?), Philip Treacy hat and Christian Louboutin glittery gold shoes. His eyepatch makeup will forever pin him as my stage hero, especially since he was performing a Britney Spears cover “Oops!… I did it again”. Also the pearls strand was really unexpected!

Just to clear thing up – Anna Wintour put him on the job, signing him up in the X Factor. Hamish complied with the mission and accepted the challenge with a little help from the famous Joan Lader, vocal coach instructor for the likes of Madonna and Bjork. When it came to his stage name and act, he was counseled by Liza Minelli to opt for Brit’s first hit single in the manner of Cole Porter (hear what that means here), under the name of Leo Mercure, a play character by Noel Coward. There you go, all your facts lied down, now press play, you know you want it! (also – could that have anything to do with Nicole Scherzinger being photographed for Vogue? hmmmm)

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