Nicole Scherzinger’s Vogue

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Last we talked about Nicole Scherzinger, she was under a big fashion disaster question mark. In more recent news, Nicole was photographed for Vogue. The purpose of Nicole doing a Vogue feature is beyond my understanding. Not discussing that right now – what I wanted you to see is the backstage of a fashion photography session.

Check out her glamorous shoes from one picture (the one with the white and red dress – she’s actually wearing her own footwear, see the “before” image with her arriving at the photo session site) and the huge paper clips used to fit the white dress on Nicole’s body! Paper clips! wow! That’s fashion, baby! That’s fashion! (I wonder if it’s the same house Rihanna’s shape issue was photographed in…)

Nicole Scherzinger photographed for Vogue

Nicole Scherzinger Vogue pictures backstage

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