Michael Kors Men’s Underwear Ad Campaign

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With Rafael Nadal booked by Emporio Armani lingerie, what was Michael KorsUnderwear division to do? Go out of business? Of course not! They hired a handful of smart advertisers to put together one of the smartest campaigns of the moment in men’s underwear.

A man and a woman modeling together for Michael Kors’ men underwear campaign in a very explicit attitude. Would this make you buy from Michael Kors? If you ask me, the major flaw is addressing only to one segment of the potential clients out there, the major plus is that they’re not frowning in this campaign. (not smiling either, but we can’t’ have it all). How do you like it? (also – although I’m sure it’s a racy enough campaign to raise questions, let alone brows, it won’t make the buzz it could’ve if, say, Rafa was in it – wink; click the image for larger picture)

Michael Kors men underwear racy ad campaign


#1 trix on 10.16.11 at 2:15 pm

I actually love this ad, and I’m not exactly sure why.
I guess it’s the movement in the picture, the sensual nature of it which draw my attention.
I know it’s a racey picture and I would be outraged if there was a lingerie ad with a man sticking his hands in a model’s underwear, but there’s something sexy about this one because it’s not just an awkward man posing there on his own. And I love a man with a great body and a great pair of boxers, ha!

#2 Heavens123 on 11.10.11 at 9:19 pm

Well, we don’t like it. The newest ad is up in Times Square in on bus stops…of a n&ked woman with a man, sticking her hand in his underwear. Seriously, this doesn’t belong where kids will see it. And we are a mellow, open-minded couple. Just not appropriate and it has turned us both off the product.

#3 Jean on 12.25.11 at 10:52 pm

This should not be in Times Square. I was told it was cleaned up so a group of us w/ young kids went to enjoy the Christmas season. I will never buy Kors brand anything. They have crossed the line, her hand is down his underwear! All should be outraged especially being right at the entrance of Toys R Us where hundreds of children gather.

As an artist, I see the human form as beautiful. This is beyond suggestive, it shows movement like a few frames of a p*rn movie.

I’m going w/ Tommy Hilfiger, family sharing Christmas together, not p*rn. Hello, you can tell the difference. Mayor, clean this up.

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