Madonna’s Vionnet Red Butterflies Dress Venice W.E. Premiere Red Carpet

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Today started out like one of those normal days I just go on scrolling endlessly for amazing news to share with you my lovelies! Instead, I discovered that the Venice Film Festival was already on a roll and the Red Carpet looks deserve our most fashionable attention! Let’s get to it!

My first choice for this Venice film festival Red Carpet is the always fascinating Madonna. She was pretty festive for the premiere of her movie W.E. and covered herself up in a soft blue – gray Vionnet dress with a storm of red butterflies on. I can only go as far as to describe it as looking “good”. And that’s about it. It’s hard for me to associate butterflies and Madonna – although she’s been in a perpetual state of chrysalis all her life, I always found her to be a particularly strong woman, thus nothing resembling a fragile butterfly. Could this be a hint that she’s transforming again? (will you watch her movie? I heard it’s far from good) (photos via 1, 2)

Madonna red butterflies Venice premiere dress

Madonna gray dress red butterflies premiere of her movie


#1 ajginger on 09.04.11 at 9:06 am

I love the dress! Can I have one please without a train though; I can not handle a train. So unpractical. I love her glasses too! I want them they are awesome. It has been awhile I liked Madonna dressed up and her hair nicely styled like this.
Of course I am going to watch her movie. Though I rather see documentaries or read about Wallis and Edward. If the reviews are very bad I just wait until it’s on dvd/download or tv.

#2 Ellington on 09.06.11 at 10:12 am

She looks lovely and the dress is too.
No I will not be watching her film on Wallis and Edward, Madonna has for some reason left out the glaring fact that they were Nazi sympathizers, and that is just janky. Wallis and Eddie are two “royals” that hold no interest or fascination for me what so ever.

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