i-D Carine Roitfeld This Fall 2011!

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This is pretty special. And pretty boring at the same time. Which is amazing, given that it involves two of the most controversial fashion people of the moment: Carine Roitfeld, ex – Vogue Paris, currently freelancing anything and everything fashion and Terry Richardson. Who … well, you know who!

So Carine Roitfeld covers the Fall 2011 issue of i – D Magazine. The cover tagline says Dream Big. And I do. I really do, because this cover is really dull and not helping my fashion inspiration today. Does it help yours? (photo via)

Carine Roitfeld i D fall 2011 cover photo


#1 Decor Arts Now on 09.16.11 at 6:30 am

Hate the t shirt especially the safety pin. Hard to believe this is a cover

#2 keiKo on 09.16.11 at 7:22 am

I like Carine & luv i-D but this cover is a tad boring especially for someone with such street cred – maybe it would have been more creative / interesting if Iggy Pop was included in the pic – like ying / yang! LOL!
There are 4 covers coming – interesting to see the rest.

#3 mdinah on 09.16.11 at 1:19 pm

what i like most here is the idea of “girl who used to work at backstage now on the cover”

I think its brilliant.

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