Terry Richardson, The Offender. Will Get Away With It. Again

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You may have noticed that following the Terry Richardson scandal a while back, I chose to not feature any of his work, even if it involves very respectable and reputed fashion magazines. It’s my way to protest against the fashpeople who keep on closing their eyes and ignore the Terry moral menace.

It’s either a general ignorance, an attitude I do not embrace nor encourage, or they’re all like that and Terry had the misfortune of ending up in the public’s eye for some reason. Or both. Anyway, an aspiring model / photographer has it all written down – a conversation with the “man” himself in which he admits being who he is and that the entire fashindustry is the same.

It’s still uncertain if the conversation is authentic, regardless, the fashpeople will grant Terry a safe passage again, and they’ll welcome him with open arms in their exclusive ranks. For he is Terry Richardson, important member of the fashion family. Are they all like that? (for more details about the conversation between Felice Fawn and Terry Richardson here)

[…]Terry Richardson: can you handle open and direct talk?
Felice Fawn: How do you mean?
Terry Richardson: straight to the point, no ping pong
Felice Fawn: Oh right haha, yeah yeah
Terry Richardson: modelling is more then only a pretty face
Felice Fawn: Yeah of course
Terry Richardson: but most models do know how things go behind the scenes to get the fame
Terry Richardson: do you? […]
Felice Fawn: Absolutely not. Overwhelmed by the fact you contacted me yes, but considering selling my body for fame? Never.
Terry Richardson: then you need to work at mc donald, this is the lifestyle
Terry Richardson: but i respect it
Terry Richardson: no worries, i never push[…]

Felice Fawn Terry Richardson

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